Find Your Financial Activation Score

Financial Activation relates to your ability and knowledge in managing your financial wellbeing.
Assessing your activation level is vital because it allows us to assess your self-management skills, identify if you need more support and tailor support to meet your individual needs.
Financial Activation can deliver improved outcomes, better quality services, and lower servicing costs.
The HapNav Financial Activation survey provides a simple, evidence-based mechanism for establishing your capacity, knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your financial well-being.
Individuals are more likely to make good decisions and take more action to promote their well-being if they are engaged, informed, and feel confident they can take care of themselves. Those with the skills and confidence to manage their finances experience fewer problems.
People who are 'more activated' are significantly more likely to adopt positive behaviours (e.g., budgeting and saving). People who are 'less activated' are at significantly greater risk of experiencing financial troubles.
Activation levels are changeable. With practical support, you can increase your level of Activation over time, moving you away from being less engaged with your finances to a collaborative relationship where you are an 'active' partner in your financial well-being.
With 95% of the population underserved by the financial planning community because of their limited wealth, it makes sense to explore ways to increase Financial Activation levels in our communities and help others be their financial planners.
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