Save on Adviser Charges: Learn to Be Your Own Financial Adviser and Maximise Your Savings


Attain Financial Freedom without the Expense of a Financial Adviser


Choosing not to employ a financial adviser can significantly reduce your annual costs, saving you from unnecessary charges, especially when you don't require constant assistance. The cost spent on such services varies, often depending on the extent of work performed by the adviser.


Though advisers insist on regular consultations to forestall future issues, we propose a more cost-effective alternative. Rather than paying for frequent one-on-one sessions, you can leverage our daily updates, newsletters, group webinars, an extensive resource library, biannual check-ins, and unlimited email correspondences.


We're convinced that the majority can efficiently manage their finances with occasional aid from general financial planning. At times of stress or significant life transitions, personalised assistance may be essential. However, for most, a paid service, a banking app for financial planning, and comprehensive educational finance service could suffice. These tools offer routine updates and daily tips, helping you maintain financial control.


The Vouched For's 2023 Top Rated Financial Advisor Guide, published in the Times, reveals the expense of a continuous personal financial planning service:

Investing £250k with continuous advice: £14,805 - 5-year median cost (£5,165 upfront, £9,640 ongoing).

Creating a £100k investment plan with continuous advice: £7,597 - 5-year median cost (£2,795 upfront, £4,802 ongoing).

Contrast this with our charges:

Creating a general financial plan for a couple, irrespective of investment size, with continuous generic advice: £5,930 - 5-year cost (£3,950 upfront, £1,980 ongoing).


Take note, while the standard financial advisor rate is £196 per hour, we charge £200. The savings derive from eliminating unnecessary components from ongoing services, and avoiding "idle income." Opt for our aid in your initial 5 years, and your cost becomes £2,475, or a monthly payment of £49 for five years.


In the words of a Telegraph reader (18 July 2020):

"Financial advisors catering to the wealthy and uninformed might have their niche, but my experience shows they provide little value while charging hefty fees. All necessary advice can be sourced free online. Advisors don't offer superior products or options, merely seeking to tap into your assets and collect a fee."


While we acknowledge many advisors offer exceptional services to the ultra-rich, we also understand that perception matters. We're here to rectify this perceived problem. Allow us to demonstrate how.




Beware Of The "Mischievous Minority"


Tired of the uncertainties that come with traditional financial planning? It's time to seize control of your financial destiny and become your own financial planner, armed with the right knowledge and strategies.


Our platform delivers a comprehensive guide that assists you in identifying your financial needs and crafting a customised plan to meet your objectives. We take pride in enabling our clients to take the reins of their financial affairs, demystifying the financial services industry in the process.


Our unique blend of financial technology and supportive services furnishes you with the tools necessary to manage your finances confidently. While we don't profess to be personal financial advisers, our mission is to equip you with resources and support that empowers you to navigate your financial journey. Our life planning services cater to underserved communities seeking to prosper while circumventing unneeded costs.


Don't postpone embarking on your financial voyage. Command your finances and gain the assurance to navigate your financial terrain independently with our practical, unbiased support.


Check out this video to gain insights on the importance of guarding against the "unscrupulous few" who might exploit your financial assets for their gain.



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