Uncover the power of your personal values in just five minutes for a special price of $20!

Understanding your personal values is a key step towards aligning your life and decisions with what truly matters to you. Our streamlined process enables you to discover your values efficiently and effectively.

Through a guided exercise, you'll explore and identify your core values, gaining valuable insights into what drives and inspires you. This self-discovery journey can provide clarity and direction in both your personal and professional life.


Invest in yourself today and unlock the hidden potential within. For only $20, you can embark on this transformative experience and gain a deeper understanding of your personal values. Take the first step towards living a purposeful and fulfilling life.


As you embark on The GAME Plan, we place great importance on understanding your ten most significant values. To facilitate this process, we provide a FREE starter pack that includes the Schwartz Values Assessment exercise. You can find this exercise in question 1 of the Significant Stories System, available for download.


For an alternative approach, you can also try the instant Personal Values Assessment offered by the Barrett Values Centre. Not only will this assessment provide you with valuable insights into your personal values, but 50% of the profits generated from it are donated to charitable causes.


We believe that exploring and aligning with your values is crucial for personal growth and success. Choose the method that resonates with you and take a meaningful step towards understanding yourself better. Download our FREE starter pack or try the Personal Values Assessment today to uncover the guiding principles that shape your life.



Discover the essence of who you are and gain valuable insights into your motivations by taking your Personal Values Assessment.


Understanding your personal values is key to unlocking your true potential. Your values shape your identity, influence your decisions, and impact your emotional well-being. They provide a compass that guides your actions and behaviours.


This Personal Values Assessment is a quick and straightforward survey designed to provide you with a wealth of information. In just a few minutes, you'll gain deep insights into what truly matters to you and why you do what you do.


Don't miss out on this opportunity for self-discovery. Take the Personal Values Assessment today and embark on a journey of understanding and alignment. By participating, you not only gain personal clarity but also contribute to making a positive impact, as 50% of the assessment's profits are donated to charitable causes.


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